Why should you choose K-Laser?

  • Better clinical outcomes

  • Suitable for any patient

  • Faster healing without drugs

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Fast, painless treatment

  • Helps you stand out from the competition

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Quick payback

  • Continuous research and technology updates

K-Laser belongs to the latest generation of laser technology: it is powerful, can produce the required therapeutic dose in a short time and effectively stimulate deep tissues that are difficult to reach with weak class IIIb lasers or LED systems.

K-Laser has the largest number of therapeutic wavelengths. Each wavelength targets a different key molecule and triggers a beneficial metabolic response: improved blood flow, increased tissue oxygenation, accelerated cell proliferation and mitochondrial activity. These wavelengths work synergistically, resulting in a broader therapeutic effect on tissues. Hundreds of laboratory and clinical studies have proven the K-Laser's selected wavelengths to be effective and safe.

Synergy of wavelengths with different pulsation frequencies of light. Published studies have shown that different frequencies of light pulses stimulate different physiological effects and cell lines. For example, low frequencies induce analgesic effects and stimulate bone cell growth, while higher frequencies induce soft tissue proliferation and anti-inflammatory effects. K-Laser can produce the widest spectrum of therapeutic laser frequencies. It also features Intense Super Pulse technology, which is ideal for gently stimulating the nervous system and reaching deeper tissues without overheating the skin.

Designed for individual treatment. For most therapeutic lasers, a few basic parameters are suitable for all applications. K-Laser is different: it allows you to tailor the treatment to each patient. The innovative K-Laser software reconfigures its parameters based on your input (body part, body size, skin color, pain level and chronicity) to create the optimal dosage and delivery method for the patient you intend to treat. With the K-Laser, you can further personalize your settings and even create your own protocols, saving them to your K-Laser device for treatment continuity and traceability.

Not all medical lasers are created equal. Class 3b lasers and LED systems are the oldest technology on the market. Due to their low power output, they cannot produce more than 0.5 watts, and while they are effective on superficial structures and wounds, they take significantly longer to produce the energy needed to effectively treat deep musculoskeletal structures. The more innovative, more powerful K-Laser technology produces the same dose in less time, saving the doctor time and at the same time being more effective for the patient.

Claims from other laser manufacturers. Some manufacturers of Class IIIb lasers claim that Class IV therapeutic lasers are too powerful and can burn patients. This claim is scientifically incorrect and only serves marketing purposes. The K-Laser is FDA and CE approved and has undergone the most stringent safety tests required by European, British and FDA legislation.

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