The world's first therapeutic blue wave laser for veterinary doctors.

K-Laser Speciale is the most advanced technology ever introduced in laser therapy. Never before has treatment been more precise, effective and safe. Integrated spectrometry and dynamic feedback make it easier than ever to safely use high power and 6 wavelengths to deliver energy doses based on determined effects on cells, tissues, and the color of the patient's skin or coat. Intelligent treatment control using 8 active sensors in the handpiece - optical lens - active photo modulation (APM).

Automated skin spectrometry analyzes the patient's phototype (automatic determination of power based on skin or fur color). User defined and dynamically adjustable during treatment. Treated individually according to 8 treatment effects: analgesia, vasodilation, heat modulation, anti-inflammatory effect, deep/superficial stimulation, immune system activation, antimicrobial effect. The most common procedure duration with this K-Laser model is 1-3 minutes.

Cube Speciale

The 445nm blue wavelength has many advantages:

  • almost does not change the temperature of the water in the tissues during the operation;

  • precisely smooth cut;

  • since blue light does not interact with melanin and hemoglobin, it allows the laser to be used in the treatment of blood vessels, skin lesions and to obtain excellent clinical results;

  • being close to the length of UV light, has a strong antiseptic effect, but does not damage the DNA of cells, as UV rays do.

The best surgical results are achieved with the blue wave of 445 nm, but other wavelengths enhance the effect and extend its application in veterinary medicine.

NEW 6 wavelengths 445/660/800/905/970/1064 nm

NEW 50W in ISP (Superpulse) mode

NEW 40W in CW (Continuous Wave) mode

Frequency 1 to 20,000 Hz

Weight 4.5 kg

Dimensions 31.2 x 30.2 x 26.2 cm

Warranty 5 years

This model is used not only for treatment, but also for soft tissue surgical operations. They are performed in a contact or non-contact manner. The laser cut does not burn the surrounding tissues, it is more precise and smooth. For these reasons, there is no or almost no bleeding, less postoperative swelling, inflammation, pain.

Operations performed:

Surgery of the oral cavity (brachycephalic syndrome, removal of formations, stomatitis and gingivitis in cats, removal of salivary glands, extraction of teeth, tonsillectomy epulis);

Urological surgery (nephrotomy/nephrectomy, bladder neoplasia, intermediate prostatectomy, cystotomy urethrostomy polyps, pain relief);

General operations (ablation of lick granuloma, sterilization, castration, massive skin cysts or papillomas, tumors of sebaceous glands, mastectomy, distichiasis, warts, biopsies);

Oncological surgery (skin neoplasia, nasal squamous cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma, epibulbar melanoma, mast cell tumors, melboma adenoma, fibrosarcoma, liposarcoma).

Accelerates regeneration and faster treatment at the cellular and tissue level of all types of acute and chronic pathologies without medication: odonto-stomatological, skin, nail, beak, dental disease and surgery, nerves (neuropathy, polyneuropathy, traumatic or iatrogenic paresthesia, dysesthesia and anesthesia), tendons and ligament injuries, infected and open skin wounds, skin infections, ulcers, mucositis, perianal sac infections, lick granulomas, hematomas, feline renal failure, feline cystitis/pancreatitis, complicated ear infections, onychomycosis (fungus), all types of pain in all parts of the body places, osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia. It is used for the rehabilitation of the entire body of the animal from head to toe. After an injury or surgery, there is no need to wait for the inflammation, swelling, and pain to pass - the procedures are started the next day after the surgery or immediately after the injury. There is no need to shave the fur, during the procedure - touch the fur or skin (this is important for sensitive or angry animals). All exotic animals are treated. It is particularly popular due to its therapeutic effectiveness for the recovery of sports animals after exertion, operations, injuries, and pain relief. Treats all types of tissue in all parts of the animal's body (soft, ligaments, nerves, cartilage and bones).

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