Traditionally, surgical lasers use infrared (IR) wavelengths. Basically, by lasering the water in the tissues, we can achieve an ablative effect and vaporize these tissues. The use of infrared wavelengths in surgery is a technically simple and affordable technology for doctors. But this technology has a downside - the IR laser generates a lot of heat, so the surrounding tissues are also damaged, even if they are not vaporized (photo). After surgery, these terms cause swelling, pain and inflammation. Scar tissue forms around damaged surrounding tissues, making the IR laser less than ideal for surgery.

Blue Dental

K-Laser is constantly looking for the best technological way to help patients, doctors and create the standards of tomorrow's laser treatment. Therefore, it has been developing diode surgical soft tissue lasers for more than 15 years and has developed a unique dynamic K-Laser Blue 3-wave technology that increases surgical precision, reduces side effects, patient time off work after surgery, and significantly expands the range of applications in dentistry and dermatology by maintaining a small treatment area and utilizing the high mobility of K-Laser devices. This was done by using these 3 wavelengths 445/660/970nm.

The 445nm blue wavelength has many advantages:

  • almost does not change the temperature of the water in the tissues during the operation;

  • since blue light noninteracts with melanin and hemoglobin, it allows the laser to be used in the treatment of blood vessels, pigmentary lesions and to obtain excellent clinical results;

  • selective;

  • being close to the wavelength of UV light, it has a strong antiseptic effect, but does not damage the DNA of cells, as UV waves do.

The best surgical results are achieved with the blue 445 nm wave, but the other 2 wavelengths enhance the effect and extend its application in dentistry, aesthetic medicine or veterinary medicine. In synergy with blue light, the 660 nm and 970 nm wavelengths provide biostimulation of surface and deep tissues to optimize healing and reduce patient time off work. In addition, the K-Laser Blue technology is regularly updated with the latest protocols and treatments thanks to its integrated Wi-Fi connection. Warranty 5 years.


K-Laser Blue Dental vs Traditional Dental Lasers

Oral laser surgery

  • Abscess

  • Angioma

  • Epulis

  • Fibroma

  • Frenectomy

  • Gingivectomy

  • Gingivoplasty

  • Hameostasis

  • Implant uncovery

  • Incision

  • Operculectomy


  • Root germ reduction

  • Gangrene germ reduction

  • Laser pulpotomy

  • Dentin hypersensitivity

  • Sealant polymerization

  • Tooth whitening


  • Mucositis

  • Peri – implantitis

  • Sulcular debridement

  • Oxygen high – level laser therapy (OHLLT)

  • Tooth singlet oxygen

  • Implant singlet oxygen

Oral laser therapy

  • Burning mouth

  • Herpes

  • Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

  • Oral lichen planus

  • Post - surgical swelling

  • Post – surgical wound

  • Ulcer

Blue Dental laser is used in treatment:

Result Excellence. The excellence of the Blue Dental laser is attributed to its utilization of Blue laser technology at 445nm as the primary surgical wavelength, which has minimal affinity with water in tissues and thus prevents tissue heating. In contrast, traditional dental lasers that use Infrared wavelengths can lead to thermal damages to surrounding tissues due to their high affinity with water. Today, 445nm technology is considered the gold standard for surgery.

Broad Range Of Applications. The K-Laser Blue Dental is not just limited to dental and oral surgical procedures, as it also serves as a tool for pain management and wound healing through laser therapy. Furthermore, it stands out as the first and only laser available in the market that empowers dentists to expand their expertise into facial cosmetic treatments, an emerging and rapidly growing market.

Low Cost Of Use. At first glance, traditional lasers may appear to be a cost-effective option. However, they typically necessitate the use of consumable fibers for each patient, resulting in a significantly higher cost of use over a few years for an inferior technology and a lower return on investment.

On the contrary, K-Laser fibers are autoclavable, resulting in negligible costs per patient. This provides the opportunity to use the K-Laser for every surgery or oral care, making it a more cost-effective and efficient option.

Build Quality. The K-Laser Blue Dental originates from Italy and is crafted with components sourced from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and the USA. Its structure is constructed from aluminum, providing both a sleek appearance and durability, and facilitating effortless cleaning.

Warranty. The warranty period for the K-Laser Blue Dental is five years, which is twice as long as the typical industry standard.

No maintenance needed. The Blue Derma employs top-of-the-line laser diode modules that are air-cooled, requiring no maintenance.

  • There is no need for:

  • Power supply repairs

  • Crystal replacements

  • Mirror alignment

  • Calibration

  • Cooling system maintenance or repairs.

Example of a cut resulting from an IR laser wavelength used in ablative mode.

Example of a cut resulting from K-Laser BLUE technology used in ablative mode.

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