The world's first light, portable and blue 445nm laser capable of both non-invasive and surgical treatment. The most versatile and effective laser for aesthetic medicine. Advanced technology is combined with the unique properties of the 445 nm blue wavelength, which performs the treatment without bleeding, reducing infections and using minimal analgesia. The wide range of applications means that the K-Laser can help almost every patient you see.

K-LASER Blue Derma is a universal laser device suitable for dermatologists and plastic surgeons. K-Laser Blue's innovative technology allows you to treat multiple skin lesions with a single laser device, eliminating the need to purchase multiple expensive lasers for multiple services. With its advanced precision and superior results, Blue Derma surpasses other surgical or therapeutic lasers.

Blue Derma

In synergy with blue light, the 660 nm and 970 nm wavelengths provide biostimulation of superficial and deep tissues to optimize healing and reduce patient time off work. In addition, the K-Laser Blue technology thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi connection is regularly updated.

The 445nm blue wavelength has many advantages:

  • almost does not change the temperature of the water in the tissues during the operation;

  • since blue light noninteracts with melanin and hemoglobin, it allows the laser to be used in the treatment of blood vessels, pigmentary lesions and to obtain excellent clinical results;

  • being close to the wavelength of UV light, it has a strong antiseptic effect, but does not damage the DNA of cells, as UV waves do.

970 nm => Vasodilatation, Neoangiogenesis. The laser light produces oxygen, but in order to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment, it is necessary to bring more new blood to the cells and remove catabolic products. For this purpose, the 970 nm wave (water absorption peak) is used as a microvasculature, capillary dilator, whose photons are absorbed by water and create a temperature gradient at the cellular level that stimulates the local microcirculation of the deep tissues and makes the healing process more effective and faster.

Vasodilation and neoangiogenesis (the opening of new blood vessels from pre-existing capillaries) are closely related to muscle recovery by ensuring extensive perfusion and oxygen transport to tired or damaged tissues.

Low-intensity photothermal interaction also stimulates lymph microcirculation, affects endothelium permeability and accelerates lymph peristalsis.

Due to controlled tissue hyperemia, the muscle relaxant and elasticizing effect on the myofascial tissues is responsible for reducing the perception of pain symptoms. In addition, the laser pulse disrupts the conduction of the painful signal at the peripheral level, blocking the action of superficial nerve fibers. It has been scientifically proven that the increased permeability of the plasma membrane to potassium ions and the partial but simultaneous stimulation of endorphins of the central nervous system cause pain-relieving effects.

660 nm => Skin/wound healing. The 660 nm wave is a visible red light that has limited penetration into deep tissues, but perfectly absorbs the melanin in the skin (melanin absorption peak), thus guaranteeing energy concentration in the superficial tissue layers. It has been found that it not only effectively heals wounds, improves skin condition, removes bacteria, stimulates cell metabolism, but also achieves excellent results in reducing scars (they become elastic, no longer feel stretching, pain, results are best while the scar is recent).

The 3-wave effect of this model is enhanced by ISP, CW and variable pulse frequency from 1-20,000 Hz. Super-pulse technology or (ISP) is designed to safely transfer high amounts of laser light energy deeper into tissue. In this way, the desired therapeutic effect is achieved. CW mode safely supplies power to upper layers. ISP, CW, changing pulse frequency and its combination with laser light waves of different lengths ensure a long-term treatment effect and a significantly shorter procedure time.

K-Laser Blue does not require expensive annual maintenance costs. Surgical accessories are sterilized or autoclaved as needed. Warranty - 5 years.

Skin treatment services are performed at K-Laser Blue Derma:

Fractional skin rejuvenation. Using K-Laser's specialized handpiece-optical lens and software menu, non-ablative fractional skin rejuvenation (restoration) procedures can be performed with precision. Treats: fine wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, skin pores, stretch marks, hypertrophic scars.

Treatment of skin diseases. The simultaneous use of 445 nm and 660 nm wavelengths makes Blue Derma a universal choice for the treatment of various skin conditions, including photorejuvenation, acne, active acne conditions, wound healing in bedsores or diabetic ulcers, oncological formations, and pain relief.

Removal of benign skin formations. Blue Derma provides a highly precise, non-surgical method for removing moles and other benign raised skin growths. Its non-invasive blue technology creates minimal thermal damage to the surrounding tissue, resulting in almost no inflammation or pain after the treatment. Treats: seborrheic keratosis, skin spots, benign raised skin formations (non-pigmented), nevus, warts, condylomas, papillomas, moles.

Vascular, capillary formations. Due to the strong interaction of the 445 nm wave with hemoglobin, Blue Derma effectively treats vascular, capillary formations and gives impressive results. Treats: spider veins, telangiectasia, angioma, rosacea.

Pigment spots. Thanks to the strong interaction of the 445 nm wave with hemoglobin, pigmented spots are effectively treated and give impressive results. Treats: solar lentigo, pigmented age spots, melasma.

In podiatry. The powerful antifungal properties of the 445nm blue laser make it a powerful tool for onychomycosis, and Blue Derma's surgical capabilities are widely used for ingrown toenails and matricectomy procedures. Removes plantar warts, vasculitis (with Low Level Laser Therapy), treatment of sports injuries and pain using (High Intense Laser Therapy), removal of spider veins/capillaries.

Liposuction operations, postoperative rehabilitation&hematoma and edema. K-Laser rehabilitation is painless and begins immediately after the injury or one day after surgery. There is no need to wait for the inflammation, swelling, bruises to pass, it may not be necessary to prescribe medication. Procedures are performed on swollen, painful areas in case of inflammation, open wound (non-bleeding). Procedures are performed on the incision site after 7-10 days after the operation. Since the laser light does not create a thermal effect inside the tissues, it can be used to perform procedures over metal or titanium implants.

K-Laser Blue Derma advantages and comparison with traditional derma lasers

What makes Blue Derma unique is that it uses Blue laser technology with a main surgical wavelength of 445 nm, which has minimal contact with the water in the tissues and therefore does not allow the tissues to heat up. In contrast, traditional dental lasers that use infrared wavelengths can cause thermal damage to surrounding tissues due to their high interaction with water. Today, 445 nm technology is considered the gold standard for surgery.

A wide range of applications. The K-Laser Blue Derma laser can be used not only to treat dermatological diseases, aesthetic surgical procedures, but also as a means of pain relief and wound healing.

Low operating costs. At first glance, traditional lasers may appear to be an economical choice. However, they typically require the use of consumables for each patient, resulting in significantly higher costs of using the older technology over several years and a lower return on investment.

The K-Laser fiber and tips are sterilized or autoclavable, so the cost per patient is negligible. This makes it possible to use the K-Laser for every treatment, procedure or operation, making it a more cost-effective and efficient choice.

Assembly quality. K-Laser Blue Derma originates from Italy and is manufactured using components originating from Italy, Germany, Switzerland and USA.

Warranty. K-Laser Blue Derma comes with a 5-year warranty, twice as long as the usual industry standard.

No maintenance required. The Blue Derma laser uses high-end laser diode modules that are air-cooled, so it does not require any maintenance: power supply repair, crystal replacement, mirror alignment, calibration, cooling system maintenance or repair. For these reasons, there is no need for constant maintenance and no unexpected costs.

Treatment traceability and continuity is ensured by recording each treatment in the memory of the laser device. The number of treatment records is unlimited. A wide selection of accessories and surgical tips allows the practitioner to perform treatment, surgery or prevent the device from falling more comfortably, quickly and efficiently.

Skin rejuvenation effect using the Dark spot program.

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