Service and Academy

For technical support, please contact your local K-Laser authorized service center: +370 698 73641, Specialists of the authorized maintenance center will contact the customer within 4 hours after placing an order for technical services or troubleshooting. on working days and within 12 hours non-working days and holidays.

The device can only be sent for repair or safety inspection in the original packaging.


K-Laser provides training services to its customers. After purchasing a laser, we teach your staff how to use your laser safely at your place. The manufacturer provides the K-Laser Academy access code, which entitles you to study at the K-Laser Academy. After completing the course, you will gain the necessary knowledge on how to use the device safely, you will get access to treatment protocols, case studies or use online training. All training is online and easily accessible through an online learning platform, so you can complete each course at your own pace.

K-Laser Academy


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